About us

About Changing Shape

Founded in 2000, Changing Shape is an organization comprised of fitness professionals specializing in personalized exercise counseling and online weight loss programs. Our fitness team will provide you with a private and non-intimidating environment that includes encouragement, motivation, help, expertise, and personalized assistance.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the highest degree of service and commitment while our members become healthier and increase the quality of their lives.
Our Goal
Our goal is to make a healthier lifestyle attainable by all of society by offering exercise and weight loss programs that are safe, private, effective, and affordable. Therefore, our membership scope is to change as many lives as possible and to make this world a healthier and happier place.


  • Melanie Morse,
    I had tried the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and Weight Watchers but I tended to loose a few pounds and gain it right back. Plus I hated that with Weight Watchers you had to rely on their system of sliders, points and packaged food, which seemed like a disconnect from the thing that really mattered: i.e. how many calories you ate vs. how many calories you burned. I was starting to get really depressed; I hated the way I looked and felt. I really wanted a personal trainer who could help me understand what I was doing wrong and how to stay on track, but I knew I couldn't afford one.

    So one day I typed 'Online Personal Trainer' into Google and I found Changing Shape. This was my chance to get help from a real human being without breaking the bank. So I signed up.

    Matt immediately helped me set up a nutrition program that worked with my on-again off-again Vegetarian diet and helped me set up a workout routine on the his website that allowed me to work with just the equipment I had access to. I also used the Diet Contract form on the Changing Shape site to figure out what I was really trying to accomplish and to pin-point the reasons my dieting had not worked in the past.

    The best part was that Matt was really good about writing back to me the very next day after I had filled out a Diet Contract, sent him a weekly check in or just emailed him asking a question. I really appreciated having a real person to talk with and feeling like I was accountable to someone who really cared was extremely motivating. So for months I counted my calories (with the help of an iPhone app) and sent Matt my daily calorie intake, and I followed the exercise plan he laid out for me.

    Finally success. After nearly a year of working with Matt, I reached my goal weight! I lost a total of 30 pounds and felt SO much healthier and proud of my body. I was able to fit back into my old skinny jeans and got lots of compliments. And the workout sessions paid off in other ways, I was in better shape overall so I can now keep up with my boyfriend better when we go on hikes and was able to help a friend train for a 40 mile Breast Cancer benefit walk. So now I've actually reset my goal to a slightly lower weight (only another 10 pounds so I'm very close) and then I plan to work with Matt on learning how to maintain that weight and build muscle mass. I'm looking forward to these challenges because now I know I can accomplish my goals.
  • Pat Norwood,
    14.5 pounds lost, 17.25 inches lost and 7.3% body fat is away
    I am a 50 year old female who has struggled with slowly added pounds through this last decade of life like many women I know. I have been in and out of weight watchers for 20 plus years. I still believe their "point system" works but I NEEDED MORE STRUCTURE! I was tired of THINKING about it all the time and trying to manage it and at best maintaining my weight but never seeing any consistent weight loss.

    I now get up and click on the computer and see what I will be eating that day. Print off my sheet and put it on the refrigerator. Later I go back in and click up my workout and leave it up till I am done and check off each weight as I do it or register my time walking, or elliptic. Now, I can just get up and DO IT and know I will see results. This is for anyone who says, "Just tell me what to do and I will do it!" There is no THINKING about what to eat, what exercises to do, how long and hard should I keep my heart rate up for, or what snacks to have... I have found that there is freedom in submission.

    I tried it MY way and it was EXHAUSTING SECOND GUESSING MYSELF! Now I just obey and IT WORKS! If you know you have to vary something, you are told how many calories and fat and protein you are shooting for in that meal. No more guessing. I really like also being asked HOW OFTEN I would like to eat. Eating more often really works for me so 7 times a day is great!

    Accountability with Matt weekly is motivating too. Weighing in weekly while including all measurements is an other big motivator because we all know it is not just about the weight.

    I guess in a nut-shell I would say this program is FREEDOM in letting someone else steer the boat! Now I can get on with LIVING because I know I WILL SEE RESULTS, so I can rest and enjoy the ride.