1300 Calorie Meal Plan

Feb 14 2020

1300 Calorie Meal Plan

Below is a diet plan for weight loss that includes just over 1300 calories.

Item Protein Carbs Fats Calories
  12 ounces Coffee-w/caffeine 0.40 1.40 0.00 8.00
  1 each Bagel-plain, Lenders Bake Shop 8.00 42.00 2.00 210.00
  2 tbsp Peanut butter- creamy 8.60 5.70 16.40 190.00
  1 tbsp Cream, fluid, half and half 0.44 0.65 1.73 19.55
17.44 49.74 20.12 427.55
AM Snack
1 each
Apple-medium with peel 0.30 21.10 0.0 81.00
  Total: 0.30 21.10 0.0 81.00
3 ounces

Chicken breast/ white meat




  .25 cup Croutons-plain 9.00 5.50 0.50 30.50
  1 large Salad-lrg. Garden w/tomato and onion 2.60 19.00 0.80 98.00
  4 tbps Thousand island-reduced cal. Kraft 0.00 12.00 4.00 80.00
38.00 36.90 8.30 348.75
PM Snack
1 each

Apple-medium with peel




0.30 21.10 0.0 81.00
3 ounces

Chicken breast/ white meat




  1 cup Pasta, corn cooked 3.68 39.07 1.07 176.40
  1 small Salad-sm. Garden w/tomato, onion 1.30 9.50 0.40 49.00
  2 tbps Thousand island- reduced cal. Kraft 0.00 6.00 2.00 40.00
31.38 54.57 6.42 405.65
  TOTAL 87.43 183.42 34.85 1343.95



Food Quantity
Apple - medium with peel 14 each
Bagel - plain 7 each
Chicken Breast / White Meat 42 ounces
Cream, fluid, half and half 7 tablespoons
Croutons - plain 2 cups
Pasta, corn, cooked 7 cups
Peanut butter - creamy 14 table spoons
Salad - large garden 7 large
Salad - small garden 7 small
Thousand island - reduced cal. 42 table spoons

How to: Diets for Quick Weight Loss?

Starting a quick weight loss diet of any type has risks and typically leads to a crash. Focus on finding a healthy balanced diet plan that is geared towards your lifestyle and corresponds with your long-term goals. Additionally, the quick weight loss diets below are not intended for everyone.

As you have heard a zillion times; losing weight is all about consuming less calories and moving more. It's truly that simple. Finding a nutrition plan that works best for your lifestyle and changing your daily behaviors is the tricky part.

The fast weight loss diet plan above was developed for a client because she wanted an easy meal plan for weight loss based on her busy life. We hope you can find some value from it. It's a good diet plan for fast weight loss with those individuals living a hectic day-to-day existence.

Tips to keep in mind while dieting

  • Take a multi-vitamin daily. Diet plans for quick weight loss usually lack enough nutrients including vitamins and minerals.
  • Calories, calories, and calories should be your focus for losing weight fast. Make sure you are getting the correct balance for your size, exercise level and goals.
  • Plan your meals the night before or earlier during the week. Planning is critical and can make a tremendous difference.
  • Have a "game plan" for exchanges when you are in a rush or don't have access to your normal foods.
  • Never, and we mean never, skip breakfast. Research has validated that skipping breakfast is a big "no-no".
  • Increase your fluid intake. Pack a water bottle and try to drink more ice water. Freezing cold water can cause you to burn more calories. Not a substantial amount, but every little bit helps.
  • There is not nearly enough fruits and veggies in the below plan. Keep that in mind, and always work to be increasing your intake of the "green" stuff.
  • Keep track of your calories. Ideally, use a log of some sort and bring it with you everywhere. Research has proven that writing down your calories can make all the difference for dieter's success rates and can help enlighten you about the true calories in the foods you eat.

Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Click here for the free diet chart to lose weight. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Click here for the free fitness journal chart. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Question: Response:

Subject: Diets for quick weight loss for women

Hey, trainer man, what are the best free diet plans that work fast? I'm getting married and need to get skinny, pronto!

Congrats on the upcoming prenuptial's! Now, let me ask you a question. Are diet plans that work fast and are free really the best choice for you? Jumping into a meal plan simply because it promises to include diets that work fast for women, even those getting married soon, and guarantees the fastest weight loss possible are usually not a good idea for numerous reasons. My recommendation is that you find a fast weight loss plan that includes a proceeding maintenance plan once the diet ends. Otherwise, you are going to gain all that weight back once you're done. Do your research and get advice or assistance from a professional for the best results! Avoid, avoid, and avoid mass produced diets that don't truly understand your individual goals and what is best for you after your special, skinny day.

For further reading on factors related to weight rebound, check out the results of these clinical studies.


I lost 3 pounds this week so I am now at 126 lbs. The diet is no problem, doing good not cheating. I could not see that I lost any inches, but I am not sure exactly where to measure my hips. My cloths feel better though and I can fit into cloths that I haven't worn for at least 6 months. -- Debra B 

I lost 3 lbs for week ending 6/21--- that is my biggest weight loss yet :). Very pleased with that. I really see the extra energy. Doing really well - within 10 pounds of goal weight. Will hold there for a few months and then possibly set a new goal once I see how well I can manage this weight. -- Martha D

I have beaten the plateau, and lost 4 lbs this week. My stomach feels smaller. I am starting to lose inches at the waist, chest, and hips. I am relatively pleased with the pacing of weight loss. -- Lori H

I FEEL great! Which was my absolute goal this week. I am experiencing a little muscle soreness, which actually makes me feel even better about myself. I haven't been able to weigh myself, but I have lost app. 3 cm. around the hips, which is great to begin with, I know this won't happen every week :-P -- Anne T

Two more pounds lost. I'm starting to look like I should look, slim in the waist and larger in the chest. It's nice. I'm still losing fat. My shoulders have been getting thinner, and I've lost about an inch from my waist. I was having problems with asthma before I started this diet, which is a new problem for me. I don't know why that has gone away. I'm pretty sure I have sensitivities to sugar and now I've reduced that probably 90%. I also barely eat any white flour anymore. I don't know if a change in my diet could cure that or if it's psycho-somatic, but I'm happy to be able to breath again. I'm definitely looking skinnier. My waist size hasn't shrunk much but pants that didn't fit me a month ago are now fitting. My shirts look better on me now too. So far I like the way the meal planning is going. The food is good, and it's fun to eat new things. I get to eat lots of food too. -- Thomas F

I'm really excited about this program. About the meal plans, they look great. -- Noemi F

Your workout is pretty straight forward.  The meal plans are very clear and easy to follow. -- Jean M

I have lost 2 pounds since I started a week ago and I know that tracking what I eat is making a huge difference. I'm so grateful for that. -- Carla R

People are still noticing a difference in my body, I'm being asked all the time now, if I'm losing weight! -- Deena L

Well thank you for always writing back so quickly. It's the real reason I've been able to stick with this, it reminds me that there' s a real person out there who is trying to help and is holding me accountable. All the tools and gadgets on the website wouldn't mean much if it didn't have that personal element. So yeah, thank you too.   :) I'm loving the nutrition plan and even look forward to finding out what I get to have at each meal. Thanks and I'll be in touch soon! -- Ron M 

I think that your suggestions and support have made a big difference for me and has helped me stay mostly on track and be successful.  I still have more to lose to meet my goal, but I think I've made a lot of progress (and people are noticing!)  Also, because I've taken the slow (rather than the fast -- lose 10 lbs in a week!) approach, the lessons learned have become more firmly engrained. -- Liz

I never thought I would hear that I needed to eat more ;) Also, I looked at the routine and it looks perfect for what I am able to do. Looks like it is 4 days a week. I can start tomorrow but the gyms are closed Friday due to the holiday (Happy 4th, by the way) - is it okay if I do Friday's workout Saturday? I really do appreciate how fast you pulled this together and all the personalized help. For what it's worth I will be recommending you and your site to anyone I know looking to reach some goals for themselves. Thank you again!  -- Matt K 

I went down a pant size. I feel more focused and determined to reach my goals now, and some of my limits I used to have in place that kept me thin before are coming back, like not eating certain types of foods or over a certain amount of calories. It is becoming more natural now and not such a huge strain. The choices are getting easier, at least this week. I have also started playing volleyball once a week a lunch with co-workers, which is not something I would have done at all before. I think everything is starting to come together and make sense, and go from wishful thinking to actual habits. I do find that I really need an extra push at the end of the week though to stay on course for the weekend - traditionally weekends have been where I damage all the progress made during the week! Thanks for such a quick reply!  I think this workout is going to work really well for me!  ( : -- Sarah N

Thanks for all your help. I have to say, when I was on e-diets I lost several lbs pretty quickly (and about 15 lbs overall), but my measurements only got about an inch smaller than I am now. I think I'd rather go your route and lose weight more slowly but get more toned. I think I just might get the toned looking body I've been wanting. :) -- Vy-Dana

I know I can do this too :) Thanks!  I am committed 110% and will check in every week with updates.  Right now, I have my meal plans fairly well set out.  In the past, planning out my weekly menu was a problem and ate large portions and quick fixes that weren't healthy.  The meal planner makes a world of difference!  Now I know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat it! -- Denise G

Matt, I like the plan very much because it is convenient.  This is just my second day on it. At first I was going in and created and selected my own meals, but this was taken to long.  My computer is slow for some reason when doing that.  So I chose my favorites choices and let the workout create my daily meals for me.  This is much quicker.  I printed out the shopping list and I'm on my way.  It does fit into my lifestyle and I believe as long as I have the food available I should have no problem with Following the program.  I need to focus on my portion sizes and the temptation to resist foods not on the program.  (That is the challenge for me, but I really want to Be successful at this so I will try very hard to stay on the program).-- Debbie P

I've lost 8 pounds so far; I can't believe it!! And I can't believe how easy it's been. I can't really see a difference in my body but I feel lighter and I noticed that a couple of shirts fit a little better. I did go and do some cardio yesterday so I plan to do that at least 3 times this week and gently work myself back in to working out. I've learned to be easy and gentle with myself and not try to do too much too fast. I believe that approaching it this way is going to give me lasting results and I'll be much happier in the end. -- Jaena M

More clothes fitting better, more people noticing a difference. Looks as I am losing the weight from the ankles up!!!Oh yeah, that is what every girl wants!! Saw my sister and boyfriend yesterday (she hasn't seen me since Jan I guess.She said, WOW you are looking good, real good.  Same noted the boyfriend. Made me feel good.  I think the higher intensity is working because I am down to 166 and holding.  Don't plan to have it there that long. Though I haven't been able to workout since Thursday (I did do 3 times anyways) and I have been gardening.  Another suitable activity.  Hope to go to the club tonight.  Muscles  are all better now. Thanks for the info. Hey, I also just noticed that I am now a size 12, (originally a generous 16, or size 18).  Can't believe it! Matt, Obviously, you want to see results (fast) especially all the bombardments you see on infomercials.  (6lb in 6 days)...so you start to doubt what you are doing.  Well this time, with your help, I have been able to stick to something, for this long of a duration.  I now have will power, which I thought vanished and I can appreciate small changes, all that go in the right direction.  Now my husband is noticing!  Always a bonus when you get the "lookin sexy", keep it coming comment. Warmer weather helps too, I am not so cooped up inside trying to avoid the weather...also avoiding weight gain, since you can hide up to a point in big clothes.......but not really, you just think you can. I am ecstatic about the changes...just wanting it to keep it coming. -- Susanne A 

Am I losing weight too rapidly to be safe? (6.6 pounds in two weeks) Or is that normal to start that quickly. My pants are fitting better. -- Erica S


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