Recommended Exercise for Beginners

Feb 26 2020

Recommended Exercise for Beginners


Beginner Recommendations for Anaerobic Exercises

  • When you first start lifting weights, go at a steady pace so that you can train again in a few days' time.
  • Don’t start off with hours of training.
  • Start off slow and find a routine that not only fits into your lifestyle, but that you enjoy.
  • Select heavier weights that are challenging for around 12-15 total reps. Also, you only need one all out set to stimulate your muscles enough to change. Some people like to do three - four sets, but you really don't need to when first getting started.
  • Your total weight training workout should be 30 minutes or less for beginners.
  • Not a lot is needed when you get started. Keep it simple.

Here is a free at home workout that you can get started with.

Recommendations for Aerobic Exercise

  • The recommendation is that you exercise in an aerobic manner at least three to five times per week.
  • This could consist of a 30 to 45-minute walk, a short run, a session on the rowing machine or swimming.
  • There are many ways that you can exercise, so try to make it fun and select an exercise you enjoy.
  • When you train your aerobic system, you should aim to raise your heart rate for around twenty to thirty minutes and keep it there.
  • In fact, short, high intensity exercise is really the most effective method for people without health issues.
  • If you missed it on the last page, here are some easy cardio plans to give you an idea of where to start.


It’s obvious that by training one system like your heart or muscles that you will be benefiting another.

They have a dependent relationship on one another, so why could we not do this when selecting exercises?

You can.

Combining Exercises

Besides the usual forms of cardio and weight training, you can also engage in other forms of exercise.

Take Yoga for example. Yoga or dance classes are a great way to get fit and use all your muscles in a single class.

I'm sure you can think of tons more.

The real key is finding the exercises that work best for you and your everyday life. That way you stick with it for the long haul. As the old, cliché saying goes, “Rome was not built overnight”.

As you can see, there are many great benefits to exercise.

To take advantage of them and to stick with it long-term, you need to devise a regular training workout that you find fun and exciting, and that fits into your day to day schedule. You will then be much healthier, happier and fit.

Despite a few days of aches and pains, we both know it’s very well worth it.

What We'll Never Do

We will never sell pills that promise to rid your body of all toxins and have you losing 5 pounds daily without changing a thing in your diet or exercise level. We are certified nutrition and fitness experts that design customized nutrition and exercise routines based on current research and an individual’s specific goals.

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