Health & Fitness Calculators

Ideal Body Weight

A simple calculator to determine your ideal body weight based on insurance data

Daily Calorie Requirements Calculator

How many calories should you eat to maintain or change your weight? Try this calculator to find out!

One Rep Maximum Calculator

Find out how strong you are? This calculator provides three formulas that will approximate how much weight you can do one time for an exercise.

Food Fat Calculator

How much fat is in that food? Find the true fat grams and calories in food before eating it.

Calories Burned Calculator

How many calories are you burning per exercises? Find out here.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Your waist to hip ratio will give you a rough indication of your body fat distribution. You can determine your waist to hip ratio by first measuring your waist and your hips. Ideally, a woman's value should be less than .8 and a man's value, less than .95.

Body Mass Index Calculator

What is your Body Mass Index? The Body Mass Index is a crude estimate of how much body fat a person has. This tool calculates your BMI based upon your recommended body weight.

Target Heart Rate Calculator

What intensity should I be exercising at? This tool calculates your target heart rate and recommends different cardiovascular training zones for you based upon your resting heart rate.

Calculate Body Fat

Body fat percentage is the proportion of total weight that is fat. The number is calculated by simply dividing the sum of fat pounds (fat mass) by body weight.

Daily Protein Requirements Calculator

How much protein do you really need? This calculator estimates the correct amount of protein you should consume on a daily basis.


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