Single leg dumbbell squat with floor reach and external rotation



  1. Make sure that you are able to bend easily from the hips, are able to keep the knees slightly bent, and maintain good stability throughout the abdomen/belly.
  2. Begin with a thorough warm up before starting this exercise, this engages the sensory system.


How to Do:

  1. This movement involves a combination of a one legged squat with opposite arm toe reach and shoulder external rotation.
  2. Start standing on one leg, knee slightly bent, and toe pointing straight ahead.
  3. The opposite arm is held up, elbow bent at about 90° (as shown).
  4. Simultaneously perform a one legged squat while reaching raised arm across the body towards the planted foot.
  5. As you stand back up, the arm swings up and back (as shown).



  1. Since there is no external resistance, this exercise can be done at a higher, moderate speed for added challenge. 
  2. This exercise should flow.


  1. Inertia progressions - No weight to dumbbells to cables to tubing
  2. Movement progressions - Squat with touchdown to squat touchdown to overhead press.


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