Turning dumbbell step up on single leg (press)


How to Do:

1. Start off by standing in back of a step with dumbbells in your hands, up in front of your chest, and palms facing you.

2. You will be facing away from the step.

3. Make a 180 degree turn so that you are facing the step and bring both legs onto it.

4. From here, simultaneously lift one leg so that is at a 90 degree angle, and twist and press the dumbbells so your arms are straight over your head.

5. The finished movement should have your palms facing away from you with your arms straight above you to the sides of you head.

6. Untwist your arms and bring them back to your upper body, lower your leg, step off the step, and rotate back 180 degrees so you are now at the starting position.

7. Repeat the entire process except that you will now be lifting the opposite leg.


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