Cable tricep extension with Freemotion standing



  1. Maintain a tall body throughout this exercise, tighten your belly and keep the spine in a neutral position.
  2. Begin with a thorough warm up before starting this exercise - this engages the sensory system.


How to Do:

  1. This exercise involves performing a standing, 2 arm elbow extension movement using the Free Motion cable system.
  2. Stand tall with the feet shoulder width apart and the knees slightly bent.
  3. Grip the cables as shown.
  4. Begin at a 90º elbow position.
  5. With the body alignment straight and still, extend both elbows fully.
  6. Return to start position and repeat.



Watch for excessive leaning to one side, rolling the shoulders forward or excessively flexing the upper body. These are indications of weakness and the weight should be reduced.


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