Back extension on ball with hands by ears


How to Do Back Extension on Ball With Hands by Ears

Be sure to maintain proper posture throughout the entire movement to prevent unneeded stress. Keep your shoulder blades retracted slightly; maintain good stability in your core during the entire movement and keep your spine in natural alignment.

Beginning Back Extension on Ball

  1. Kneel down on the floor slowly and lean your hips securely on the stability ball.

  2. Once securely positioned on the ball, place your hands firmly on your ears.

Back Extension on Ball Movement

  1. Begin the exercise by first tightening your glutes, keeping your chin tucked for proper spine alignment and extend your back as illustrated below.

  2. Lower slowly back into the starting position, making sure to keep the stability ball still the entire movement.

Back Extension on Ball Exercise Aliases

Back Extensions on Ball, Lower Back Extension Exercises, Back Extension Exercise Ball, Swiss Ball Back Extensions.


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