Standing Speed Band Press With Alternating Arms


How to Do

How to Do Standing Speed Band Press With Alternating Arms

The standing speed band press with alternating arms should begin with a good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise.

If any pain is experienced, immediately stop the standing speed band press with alternating arms.


Beginning Band Press Exercise

1. Stand with the band fastened to the side of your body, below your knee.

2. Start with your arm low across your body and hold the band in the other hand.

3. As if drawing a sword from its sheath, bend your elbow and drag the band up and over your body.

4. Push your hand up and out, above and away from your body, while extending your elbow. From down near the hip closest to the band to out above the shoulder opposing the band, your hand will move.

5. Return to the beginning position by slowly lowering yourself in the same manner, bending at the elbow.


Band Press Exercise Movement

1. Start off standing tall with your back straight, shoulders back, and chest out.

2. Stand at a staggered stance so that one foot is in front of the other. Your feet should be about two feet apart with a gap of about six inches between the heel and toe and opposing heel.

3. Each hand will be holding the handle of the bungee so that the bungee is behind you with resistance on it.

4. Your arms will both form 90 degree angles and will be out to your sides, at shoulder width.

5. Your palms will be facing the ground and your knuckles will be facing forwards.

6. From here you are going to alternate pressing forward with your arms. Start off with your right arm and press it forward so that it is straight in front of you. As you bring your right arm back, simultaneously press with your left arm so that arm is now straight in front of you.

7. Repeat for repetitions. Start the exercise in a slow and controlled movement and build up speed as you get better.


Band Press Exercise Benefits

You develop upper-arm strength and learn to use your arm muscles appropriately while bracing with your core muscles.

Exercise Aliases

How To Do Speed Chess Presses, Bungee Chest Press, Upright Chest Press, Elastic Band Chest Press, Resistance Band Exercises, Tubing Chest Press.


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