The snatch


  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, in squatted position over the bar, maintaining neutral spine.
  • Take a grip width that will allow the forearms to be perpendicular to the bar when the elbows are flexed at 90 degrees.

How to Do:

First Pull:  Forcefully raise bar from floor to thighs, hips/knees slightly flexed, maintaining optimal alignment.

Second Pull:  Perform explosive tripleextension movement in the lower extremeties and forcefully raise bar toshoulder height (coordinating hip extension and shoulder/elbowflexion).

Catch:  Pull body under bar, catch thebar overhead with fully extended elbows, neutral spine/neck/head, in aquarter squat.  Extend hips, stand, and stabilize.

Downward Phase:  Lower bar to chest then thighs under control, flex hips/knees, and return bar to floor maintaining neutral spine.


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