Dumbbell bent over tricep extension on bosu (kickback)



  • You can perform this exercise in the gym.
  • This exercise will build strength in your triceps, the muscle in the upper arm.
  • Your core and shoulder muscles will also be activated to hold your body in the table-top position.


  • Place a Bosu ball on the ground, with a relatively light dumbbell just in front of the Bosu ball.
  • Kneel on the Bosu ball with your knees on top of the dome of the ball and your hands planted on the ground about shoulder-width apart. Your upper body and torso should be at 90 degrees to each other.
  • Your toes should be off the floor, and your back should be flat and parallel to the ground (no arching).
  • Keep your arms fully extended but do not overextend your elbows. They should be at 90 degrees to your torso. This is the table-top position.


How to Do:

  • Tighten up your abdominals to support your back and spine, and check that your head, shoulders, and hips are in line.
  • Maintaining the tabletop position, grab a dumbbell in one hand and lift until your upper arm until it is parallel to the ground and next to your torso. Your elbow should be bent, with the dumbbell close to the front of your shoulder. Your palm should be facing inward to your chest.
  • Keeping your upper arm still, extend your elbow until your arm is fully extended in a straight line. Make sure that your upper arm and elbow stay close to your body, and don’t “flare” outward. Your wrist should be in line with your forearm.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell to the original position before continuing until you’ve completed your repetitions. Switch sides and repeat.
  • To avoid putting stress on your neck, keep your head and neck centered during the entire exercise. It will help if you look at the ground slightly ahead of you.  


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