Dumbbell squat bicep curl with single arm



  1. Maintain good posture with shoulder blades back and down, and good stability throughout the belly.
  2. Begin with a thorough warm up before starting this exercise. This engages the sensory system.


How to Do:

  1. Start with the feet shoulder width apart, feet pointing straight ahead, and hands to the side (as shown).
  2. You may find that in time you will be "stronger" at this progression than a normal "standing bicep curl".
  3. Begin the movement with a squat - the weighted hand swings back slightly to "load".
  4. Accelerate through the squat and generate momentum.
  5. Using this momentum, add these forces into a 1 arm bicep curl (as shown).
  6. Simultaneously lower the weight while returning into a squat.
  7. Let this movement flow (in other words - let the leg drive transfer energy into the arm).


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