Rope cable curl with rotation (squat)


Exercise Benefits:

  • You can perform this exercise at the gym.
  • You can use this exercise to help build definition and strength in the biceps, the muscles in front of the upper arms.
  • Your obliques, the muscles at the side of your torso, will also get a workout as you rotate your body from side to side.
  • Your core muscles will also be activated to protect your back and spine, and to keep your torso upright.

How to Do the Exercise:

  1. Adjust the cable arm to the lowest position. Attach the rope handle, and select the appropriate resistance.
  2. Keeping your feet a shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly inwards, hold the rope handle with both hands. Draw up your spine and make sure that your head, shoulders, hips and knees are in line. Bend your knees slightly, and tighten your core muscles to support your back and spine.
  3. Drop into a half squat, making sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toes. As you push out of the half-squat, rotate your head, torso and hips to one side, allowing your trailing leg to pivot on the ball of the foot. Pull your shoulders back and down and perform a curl by bringing the rope handles up to your shoulders.
  4. Lower the weight, and return back to the center. Repeat on the other side, and continue until you’ve completed the required repetitions.
  5. Keep a firm, straight back throughout the exercise – at no point should you be arching or rounding your back.



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