Bodyweight Dips, Chest Dips


How to Do

How to Do Bodyweight Dips, Chest Dips

This exercise isn't a necessary exercise to build up shoulder strength and therefore can be omitted unless you specifically take part in a daily action that would require you to take part in this exercise.


Beginning Bodyweight Dips

Support your body weight on the parallel bars at arm's length.

Position your body so that your shoulders are in line with your hips, your head should be up over your shoulders.


Bodyweight Dips Movement

1. Pull your belly button in towards the spine.

2. Maintain optimal alignment throughout this exercise.

3. Bend elbows and slowly lower your body.

4. Straighten your elbows and drive your shoulder girdle downward in a controlled manner to return back to your starting position.

5. Do not go beyond your natural shoulder range of motion.


Bodyweight Dips Benefits

Improves Relative Strength and Hypertrophy of the Anterior Delts, Pecs, and Triceps.


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