Torso Cable Oblique Twist Rotation


How to Do

How to Do Torso Cable Oblique Twist Rotation

This exercise is appropriate for those who have good CORE stability and an injury-free lower back.

Ensure proper form throughout this exercise.

Keep feet planted firmly on the floor.

If any pain or discomfort is experienced, discontinue this exercise.


Beginning Cable Oblique Twist

1. Stand tall with the back to the free motion or cable machine. The feet should be shoulder-width apart.

2. Grasp the strap with both hands and pull it over the left shoulder and across the torso. Tuck elbows to the sides. The knees should be slightly bent. The feet should point straight ahead.

3. Suck in the tummy, drawing the belly button towards the spine. Hold this position throughout the exercise.


Cable Oblique Twist Movement

1. Slowly rotate the trunk toward the left hip while keeping the back upright. Pause briefly and return to the starting position.

2. Perform the desired number of repetitions. Switch the straps to the right shoulder and repeat on the opposite side.


Cable Oblique Twist Benefits

The Hip and Torso Rotation FreeMotion is a beginner exercise that strengthens the CORE muscles.

Exercise Aliases

TRX Torso Rotation, Torso Rotation, Freemotion machine exercises.


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