Incline dumbbell press



  • Increases strength in the chest, Shoulder and Triceps muscles.
  • Promotes shoulder stabilization


  • You must have good shoulder girdle stabilization.
  • Solid core and glute activation.
  • Ability to tighten shoulder blades.


  1. Lie on with back pressed against the bench with your feet straight and flat on the ground.
  2. Extend arms up positioning dumbbells over the lower section of the shoulders (Do Not have dumbbells over your head)

How to Do:

  1. Draw the belly button towards spine.
  2. Begin movement by Slowly, lowering your elbows out and downward, wrist should be positioned over your elbows.
  3. Lower dumbbells down until your upper arms are lat shoulder level.
  4. Return to starting position by moving your elbows up and inward toward the center
  5. Wrist should remain in a neutral position; dumbbells should be over the wrists at all times during this exercise
  6. Maintain good solid posture throughout this entire exercise movement.
  7. Don’t jut your head forward.


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