Single arm incline dumbbell press



  1. Lie on bench with your feet pointed forward and flat on the ground.
  2. With arms fully extended, position the dumbbells over the lower part of the shoulders, not the head.


How to Do:

  1. From the start position, draw your belly button inward toward your spine.
  2. Slowly, lower elbow out and down, maintaining wrist position over the elbow.
  3. Continue to lower the weight until your upper arm is level with the shoulders.
  4. To return, move your elbow up and in toward the center.  This will create a triangular motion.
  5. Wrist should maintain a neutral position. Keep the dumbbells over the wrists throughout the entire exercise.
  6. Complete repetitions, and then switch arms.
  7. Maintain proper posture, as the weight is lowered.
  8. DO NOT allow the head to jut forward.


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