Freemotion incline cable press with staggered stance



  • Increases muscle group strength and improves function.
  • Conditions chest and core muscles.
  • Incorporates shoulder and triceps into muscle involvement.


  1. Position cable arms to lower position.
  2. Stand in a stable yet staggered position with right leg forward.
  3. Grab handles and hold them in a barbell position.
  4. Wrist and elbows should be aligned with one another.
  5. Elbows should be positioned straight out from shoulders. 

How to Do:

  1. Brace Spine by tightening your abdomen.
  2. Begin movement by pressing hands upward until they come together.
  3. While in raised position check to ensure that your arms are in alignment with cables.
  4. Release back to starting position and repeat movement.
  5. Don’t let your back arch during exercise at anytime.
  6. Feet should remain flat on the floor with a slight bend at the knees to ensure balance and stability.


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