Standing speed band press


How to Do:

  1. Start off standing tall with your back straight, shoulders back, and chest out.
  2. Stand at a staggered stance so that one foot is in front of the other. Your feet should be about two feet apart with a gap of about six inches between the heel and toe and opposing heel.
  3. Each hand will be holding the handle of a bungee so that the bungee is in back of you with resistance on it.
  4. Your arms will both form 90 degree angles and will be out to your sides, at shoulder width.
  5. Your palms will be facing the ground and your knuckles will be facing forwards.
  6. From here you are going to be pressing forward with both of your arms. Once you can’t reach your arms any more in front of you, bring them back to the starting position and repeat.
  7. Start the exercise in a slow and controlled movement and build up speed as you get better.


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