Medicine Ball Rotational Chest Pass With Single Leg


How to Do

How to Do Medicine Ball Rotational Chest Pass With Single Leg.

Solid core strength.

Each exercise should begin with a good posture to avoid injury. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. Your core muscles should be activated to support your posture as you perform the exercise. If any pain is experienced, immediately stop this exercise.


Beginning Chest Pass

Ensure that you have fully warmed up prior to beginning this exercise.

Begin in a staggered stance, your forward leg will be weight bearing, your back heel should be off the ground.

Your feet should point ahead in a straight line even though you are in a staggered stance.


Chest Pass Movement

1. Begin with your chest tall with shoulder blades depressed and retracted.

2. Draw in to maintain good pelvic floor contraction.

3. Position a Medicine ball on the side of your body that has the trailing leg.

4. Hold the Medicine Ball close to the chest with your elbows high, the ball should be in a shoulder position, and support the ball with your other hand.

5. Simultaneously rotate the hip and torso while extending an arm to release the ball so that it accelerates away from your body.

6. Pivot on the back toe as the hip turns.


Chest Pass Benefits

Improves concentric acceleration.

Promotes dynamic stabilization with an eccentric deceleration along with the lumbopelvic hip complex across a transverse plane.

Unites bodily forces along the kinetic chain.

Exercise Aliases

Medicine Ball Rotation Chest Pass, 1 Arm Medicine Ball Chest Pass, How do I Perform a Medicine Ball Rotational Chest Pass, How to Exercise with the 1 Arm Medicine Ball Chest Pass.


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