Squat bicep curl with dumbbells



  1. Improves strength/definition in quadriceps/front of the upper thigh.
  2. Improves strength/definition in hamstrings/back of the upper thigh.
  3. Improves strength/definition in bicep/front of upper arm.
  4. Improves rotator cuff/shoulder strength/stability.
  5. Improves coordination between upper and lower body.


  1. Must have good lower back strength
  2. Must have good coordination between upper and lower body.
  3. Must not have excessive “forward rounding” of the shoulders.
  4. Should be able to perform classic squat with good posture.
  5. Should be able to perform classic bicep curl with good posture.


  • Stand straight with chest up, shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart, adequate floor space, and dumbbells in hands (palms facing out).

How to Do:

  1. Breathing in, squat down while simultaneously lowering arms into the bottom of a bicep curl.
  2. Pause and hold the squatting position for three breaths.
  3. Breathing out, stand back up while curling dumbbells up to chest level.
  4. As you become accustomed to the movement, continue to increase range of motion.
  5. Standing up faster will transfer momentum into (and assist) bicep curl.


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