Prone cobra on stability ball


General Guidelines:

  • Your chin should be tucked in while lifting the torso off the stability ball.
  • Keep your feet pointed straight ahead throughout the entire exercise
  • Stop and reposition yourself on the ball if you experience any low back pain.



  1. Kneel down and place your hips on the stability ball.
  2. Once firmly positioned on the ball, plant both of your feet on the ground and be far enough on the ball so that your hands can easily rest flat on the floor. This will allow the best stabilization possible.
  3. Remember to keep your legs straight and your core tight.


How To Do:

  1. Brace the spine by drawing your lower abdomen inward. 
  2. Squeeze glutes and SLOWLY draw the shoulder blades backward (retraction) and downward (depression) while externally rotating the hands so the palms face away from the legs. 
  3. The chin should be tucked in while lifting the torso off the stability ball. Hold position for recommended time. 
  4. As strength increases, repetitions may be held for longer periods. Do not allow the head to extend backward. 
  5. The chin should stay tucked. 
  6. If client complains of discomfort in the low back, have him or her concentrate on squeezing the glutes (do not externally rotate the hips). Keep feet straight ahead throughout the entire exercise.



The prime movers are the rhomboids, lumbar spine and large trapezius.


Transcript Summary:

1. Extend feet out behind you with chest on the ball.

2. Maintain a neutral spine and good posture during the lift.

3. Lift off the ball with arms extended out.

4. Be sure to not lift too high off the ball, because this is overuse of the lumbar.


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