Lying tricep extension with dumbbell


General Guidelines:

Grab your dumbbells and lay back on the bench.  Be sure that you are positioned in the middle of the bench so that you have the best leverage and so that you do not risk slipping off.  


Your knees should be bent with your feet on the floor. Once you are in position, you are going to hold the dumbbells straight up in the air with your palms turned towards each other.

How to Do:

1. Keeping your arms tucked in and next to your side, bend your arms at the elbows.  

2. Bring the dumbbells back in a smooth and controlled motion so that the dumbbells fall next to the side of your ears.  

3. Come down until your arms create a 90 degree angle, pause for about a half second, then bring the weights back up in a slow and controlled manner.


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