Seated leg extension



  • This exercise strengthens/defines the quadriceps/top of thigh.
  • Reinforces the knee joint.


  • No excessive tension in abdominals, hip flexors, and/or quadriceps.


  • Perform a proper warm-up for the thigh, i.e. light squats, stairclimbing.
  • Sit straight up in the chair with your shoulders back and your chest open.

How to Do the Movement:

  1. With ankles in proper alignment, slowly extend your knee, squeezing/holding your thighs for 1 second when the knee is straight.
  2. Slowly lower the weight back to starting position.
  3. When beginning this exercise, use lighter weights and work your way up as your abilities increase.
  4. Use the handles on the sides of the chair to keep your butt from leaving the seat.
  5. Once again, a reminder to keep your shoulders back, chest up, and butt down in the chair while extending.


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