Cross Bench Dumbbell Pullover Chest


How to Do

How to Do Cross Bench Dumbbell Pullover Chest

Complete every rep in a slow and controlled manner and use a lightweight until you have properly learned the technique and an appropriate depth.


Beginning Dumbbell Pullover

Lay facing upwards on a flat bench or perpendicular and grasp a dumbbell firmly using both hands, one hand placed over the other.


Dumbbell Pullover Movement

1. To begin the exercises, lower the weight to a comfortable depth depending on your flexibility. Usually, this is around head level, so you are in a straight line. If you feel too much strain during any portion of the movement, stop and lower the weight you are using.

2. Begin pulling the weight back up, lifting it straight above your body in the starting position.

3. Repeat this movement as recommended.


Dumbbell Pullover Benefits

The dumbbell pullover can help you build size and strength in your chest, back, and serratus muscles all at the same time.

Dumbbell pullover Exercise Aliases

It aids in the opening and flexibility of the chest and upper body.


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