Prone Iso Abs Elbow Plank


How to Do

How to Do Prone Iso Abs Elbow Plank

Healthy exercisers may perform this exercise unless they experience pain. Ensure that no pain is experienced during this exercise.


Beginning Prone Iso Abs Elbow Plank

Getting started, lie face down on the floor. The feet should be no wider than hip-width apart. Bend both elbows and align them underneath the shoulders. Rest on the forearms. Suck in the tummy drawing the belly button towards the spine. Eyes should be focused on the floor with the chin tucked under.


Prone Iso Abs Elbow Plank Movement

1. Movement, squeeze the hips together. Slowly lift the pelvis off the floor until the back is straight. Hold this position for the desired length of time or until proper form can no longer be maintained.


Elbow Plank Benefits

The Iso Abs Prone is a beginner exercise that stabilizes the CORE muscles.

Exercise Aliases

Prone Iso-Abs, How to Do a Prone Iso-Ab Exercise, The Plank prone iso abs, Prone Iso Abs Feet on Ground, Prone Iso Abs with Hip Extension.


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