Farmer's walk



  1. Choose a weight that can be controlled when moving it forward and back.
  2. Keep hips level and the shoulder blades up and down.
  3. Keep the belly tight by drawing the belly button towards the spine. Then, contract the pelvic floor by tightening the same muscles that are commonly used to stop the flow of urine.



How to Do:


  1. Keep chin tucked, chest high and look straight ahead.
  2. Grip the weights so that the palms face the thighs.
  3. Take comfortable stride lengths and maintain even cadence in your stepping (avoid swinging the weight to avoid putting excess torque on your spine).
  4. If any compensation occurs, stop the exercise and decrease the load.


Progressions: To increase neuromuscular challenge of this exercise, move from two extremities to one- perform movement with only one weight in one hand (palm facing the thigh). Maintain level hips and shoulders. If any compensation occurs, regress to base exercise.


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