Diagonal lunge



  • Quadricep strengthening.
  • Quadricep definition.
  • Hamstring strengthening.
  • Hamstring definition.
  • Hip stabilization.
  • Improved balance.
  • Improved coordination between lower body muscle groups.


  • Should be able to perform a classic forward lunge with good balance.


  • Start in a standing position with chest up, and lower back tight.
  • Make sure you have enough floor space around you.

How to Do:

  • Tense up your core, and align posture.
  • Step/Lunge forward 45 degrees off center.
  • Although foot steps off center, hips/pelvis remain straight.
  • During lunge, breathe in and lower your body with control, keeping pressure distributed evenly between both feet (don’t put all the pressure on the front foot only).
  • Be aware of your feet: make sure they don’t cave in or shift out.
  • Breathe out and quickly stand back up to original position.


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