Dumbbell squat swing overhead



  1. Improves strength and definition in quadriceps/top of the upper thigh.
  2. Improves strength and definition in hamstrings/bottom of the upper thigh.
  3. Improves coordination between lower body and upper body.
  4. Improves definition in front of upper shoulders. 


  1. No excessive tension in front of pelvis, hamstrings/back of the upper thigh, and/or calves. 
  2. Must be able to perform the bodyweight squat with proper posture.


  1. Prepare to keep your knees over your toes when the squat begins.
  2. Keep lower back tight, chest up, and arms flexed (hands/handles at shoulder level).
  3. Your feet should be parallel, shoulder-width apart ahead and pointing straight. 

How to Do:

  1. With slightly bent arms hanging down to your sides, squat down while breathing in and keeping your chest up.
  2. Breathing out, stand up quickly and swing arms up to eye level.
  3. Squatting rapidly will allow the arms to travel easily from the momentum produced in the lower body rather than over-exerting the shoulders. 


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