Leg press hack squat machine



  1. Quadricep strengthening.
  2. Quadricep definition.
  3. Hamstring strengthening.
  4. Hamstring definition.
  5. Hip stabilization.


  1. No excessive tension in the calves or hamstrings.
  2. Should be able to perform classic bodyweight squat with knees straight and proper tilt in pelvis.


  1. Properly adjust the back pad, and line up feet to allow 90 degrees at knee.
  2. While seated in machine, back should be straight, chest high, and shoulder blades contracted.
  3. Keep your butt against the pad, and try not to lift it while squatting.

How to Do:

  1. From the beginning of the movement, keep abdominals contracted.
  2. While squatting down, breathe in and keep your butt flat on the pad.
  3. Breathing out, extend knees, and return to starting position.
  4. When returning to start position, do not lock knees completely. Keep them slightly bent.
  5. Knees should not come together (should not angle internally), and you should be able to perform the movement with slow control.


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