Standing Cable Weighted Crunches


How to Do

How to Do Standing Cable Weighted Crunches

This exercise may be performed by any beginner exerciser who has no physical limitations.

Concentrate all movement in the core muscles.

Keep the arms, neck, and shoulders stable.

Make sure that the low back is aligned against the pad between each repetition.

Be sure to have your feet flat on the floor throughout the exercise.

To increase the intensity of this exercise, try upping the number of repetitions and/or amount of weight lifted.


Beginning Standing Cable Crunch

1. Stand in front of the machine Free motion or cable. Position the feet shoulder-width apart. Position the low back against the machine pad and bend the knees slightly.

2. Take the hand straps in both hands and pull them over both shoulders. Keep the arms tight to the body with the elbows pressed against the ribs. Hold this posture throughout the exercise.


Standing Cable Crunch Movement

1.Keeping both feet planted firmly on the floor, slowly curl the spine forward so that the chest draws near the pelvis.

2. Bend forward as far as possible comfortably. Come back to the starting position before continuing the exercise until you've completed all required repetitions.


Standing Cable Crunch Benefits

The Standing Crunch on a Free motion or cable machine is a beginner strength exercise for all of the CORE muscles.

This exercise focuses on increasing the strength and size of the abdominal muscles.

Exercise Aliases

Pull Down Cable Crunches, How To Do Standing Crunches on Cable Machine, Ab Workouts.


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