Foam Roller Quadriceps, Smr


How to Do

How to Do Foam Roller Quadriceps, Smr

This flexibility exercise is good for those who have tightness in the thighs.

Be sure to maintain good form throughout this stretch. Do not allow the back to arch. If any pain is experienced, immediately stop this exercise.


Beginning Foam Roll Front of Thigh

Lie face-down on a foam roller positioning it beneath the top of the thighs near the pelvis. Suck in the abdomen, drawing the navel towards the spine. Squeeze the hips together.


Foam Roll Front of Thigh Movement

1. Roll down on the foam roller toward the knees until a tender spot is found on the thighs.

2. Rest on the tender spot until the pain is relieved considerably.

3. Roll down further until another tender spot is found.

4. Repeat until all tender spots are identified and relieved.


Foam Roll Front of Thigh Benefits

Quadriceps-SMR is a beginner's stretch that releases tension in the thighs.

Exercise Aliases

Stretches for the quadriceps, how to stretch your quadriceps, leg stretches for quads.


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