Front to Back Leg Swing


How to Do

How to Do Front to Back Leg Swing

You should be able to perform the movement from the core/hip, and not from your knee.

No excessive tension in the lower back and or pelvis.


Beginning Leg Swing Front to Back

Find something sturdy, and tall enough to hold onto for stability.

Squeeze stabilizes the abdominals and butt before beginning.

Keep your shoulder blades tight and your chest up.


Leg Swing Front to Back Movement

1. Swing your leg out in front of your body until you feel the pressure of a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes.

2. From the position in front, swing the leg past neutral, and out behind your body, stretching the front of your hips and upper thigh.

3. Maintain good posture in the mid-section while performing 5-10 reps.


Leg Swing Front to Back Benefits

Core strength.

Core definition.

Core stabilization.

Definition in the butt.

Active stretching of butt, hamstring, and calf.

Exercise Aliases

Leg Swing Exercise, Tight Hip Flexor Exercises, Hip Swings Exercise, Exercises for the Hips, Front to Back Hip Swing.


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