Medicine ball lunges with diagonal reach and foam roller



  1. Place foam roller on floor at right angles to the body.
  2. Activate core and buttocks by drawing navel towards spine and squeezing buttocks. Carefully place one foot on the roller.
  3. Once you feel stable, shift the position of the rear foot back away from the roller until a good lunging position is created. 
  4. Position the medicine ball on outside of knee closest to the floor.


How to Do:

  1. Start in static lunge position, with your front foot positioned on the roller.
  2. Lift the medicine ball in a diagonal direction towards the opposite shoulder while allowing the rear knee to descend towards the floor.
  3. When you have reached the opposite shoulder with the medicine ball and the lunge has also been completed, allow the medicine ball to diagonally return to the outside of the knee at the same time pushing through the front leg to raise the hips to original starting position. 


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