Dumbbell anterior leaning lunges



  1. Maintain good posture throughout the exercise with shoulder blades back and down, good stability through the belly, and neutral spine angles.
  2. Tighten the belly by drawing the belly button in towards the spine and perform pelvic floor contractions by tighten those muscles commonly used to stop the flow of urine, especially when in the forward lean phase of movement.

How to Do:

  1. Start with the feet straight, with good alignment in the kinetic chain.
  2. Take a stride forward, longer than a normal walking length.
  3. Drop the back knee to the floor, and keep most of the weight in the forward leg.
  4. Ensure that the forward leg maintains proper alignment (thigh is not internally or externally rotated).
  5. Lean over at the waist and allow the dumbbell to reach towards the floor (without touching the floor).
  6. In a simultaneous motion, extend the trunk back to starting position and triple extend the forward leg back to starting position (as shown).


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