Side lunge front reach



  1. Maintain a tall posture throughout the exercise and good stability through the belly.
  2. Begin with a thorough dynamic warm up before starting this exercise. This engages the nervous system.


How to Do:

  1. This exercise involves a forward lunge with a two arm forward reach.
  2. Perform a forward lunge (for description see “lunge – frontal” in the exercise library).
  3. In the deepest part of the lunge, overlap your hands and reach forward (at chest height) as far as you can, maintaining balance as shown.
  4. Push back to your starting position.
  5. Pay close attention to the video to observe the dynamics of this motion.
  6. The goal is to reach as far as you can within your abilities.
  7. Only allow range of motion that can be balanced / controlled. If you lose balance, decrease your range of motion until you reach your threshold of success.


Progressions: Alternating legs, to stabilizing on one leg when returning to the starting position, to alternating pressing arms, to pressing with one arm, lateral lunge side reach


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