Forward slide lunges



  1. Stand on the slide, facing the narrower end.  
  2. Start with both feet on the rubber end, forward for thus adding stability.


How to Do:

  1. Once positioned, slide backwards with one foot into a reverse lunge.
  2. Bring that foot back to the starting position.  
  3. The more you “push” the foot down into the slide during both movements, the more difficult the exercise becomes.
  4. It is easy to spot, and address imbalances.  If, for example you tend to move the right leg away from the body when bringing it back, stand on the very end of the slide, essentially not allowing this during the movement.  This is an example of “reactive” training, i.e. putting the body into a position where it automatically corrects itself to perform the movement.
  5. Increase the difficulty by starting the exercise with both feet on the slide, as opposed to against the rubber edging.  
  6. Stand in the center of the slide, and move one foot forward, and simultaneously move the other foot backwards, increasing the demand for coordinated movement.  
  7. Add resistance by using dumbbells.


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