Dumbbell lunge press balance


How to Do:

-Start off standing tall with your back straight, shoulders back, and chest out.

-You will be holding two dumbbells. Your arms will be bent and out to your sides by your head with your palms facing away and your knuckles face the ceiling.

-Take a big step and perform a lunge so that the leg took a step is now bent at the knee. That leg should bend to make a 90 degree angle and make sure that your knee doesn’t go over your toe.

-From here, the foot that is back is going to kick straight forward to make a 90 degree angle and so that your knee is in front of you. Your opposite leg will now be straight and on the ground.

-While doing this previous movement, press the dumbbells straight towards the ceiling by straightening your arms.

-Bring the dumbbells together close enough so that they don’t touch.

-Bring the dumbbells back down by the sides of your head and you are now at the starting position. Repeat for repetitions.


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