Medicine Ball Squats With Bicep Curl


How to Do

How to Do Medicine Ball Squats With Bicep Curl

No excessive tension in abdominals, hip flexors and, or quadriceps.

Should be able to perform without too much instability in your knee.

Should be able to stand on one foot with decent balance.


Beginning Medicine Ball Squats With Bicep Curl

1. Warm-up stretches the back of the thighs and the lower back.

2. Warm-up stretch arms/biceps.


Medicine Ball Squats With Bicep Curl Movement

1. Stand facing a mirror with chest up, feet straight and together, lower back contracted, and arm extended with the medicine ball in the palm.

2. Raise one foot off the ground, bend at the knee and lean forward keeping your chest up in the mirror and your arm extended in front of your body as you squat down.

3. Drop your butt down to a halfway point slowly, breathing in, holding for 1 second at the bottom, and standing back up slowly while curling the medicine ball up to your chest and breathing out. Switch to the opposing arm leg.


Medicine Ball Squats With Bicep Curl Benefits

This exercise increases strength in the legs, arms, and improves coordination.

Definition on top of thigh, butt, and bicep.

Exercise Aliases

Balance Squat, How To Do a Medicine Ball Squat, Advanced Squats, One-Legged Squat Progression.


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