Seated Cable Lat Pulldown With Narrow Grip


How to Do

How to Do Seated Cable Lat Pulldown With Narrow Grip

Keep your back in natural alignment, your head in a neutral position, and your feet planted the entire time.


Beginning Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown

Pull the grip downward and it comes in front of you towards your chest.


Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown Movement

1. From the starting position described, draw your navel or belly button towards your spine to tighten your core for stabilization.

2.Be sure to keep natural spine alignment as you slowly begin to pull the bar straight downward.

3. Once you have pulled the bar down as close to your chest as your flexibility allows, pause for a second and let the weight begin to rise back upwards in a controlled motion.

4. Grasp the narrow grip bar with your palms both inward facing each other. Lean back so when you repeat this movement, you are always maintaining a slow and controlled speed.


Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown Benefit

The close grip lat pulldown strengthens the back muscles, which leads to better posture. Improved posture, strength, and muscle mass increase your confidence both inside and outside of the gym.

Exercise aliases

Close grip front lat pulldown, close grip lat pulldown.


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