Peroneal stretch with foam roller (SMR)


What is it and benefits?

Peroneals-SMR is a beginner stretch that releases tightness in the lower legs by applying pressure to this area with a foam roller (self-myofascial release).

Who should perform it?

This flexibility exercise is best for those who need to correct flattened feet.


Getting Started:

While lying on the left side of your body, prop your torso up on your elbow. Position the left elbow directly under the left shoulder. For additional support, place your right hand on the ground before your torso. Bend the right knee and place your foot on the floor before the left thigh. Put the foam roller beneath the left side of the calf above the ankle. Suck in the abdomen drawing the navel towards the spine. Squeeze the hips together.


How to do:

Raise your hips skywards while keeping your shoulders on the floor to form a bridge. Move the left leg around on the foam roller until a tender place is found. Stay on that spot until the pain decreases significantly. Move to another tender spot and repeat. Switch sides and repeat.


Be Safe!

Keep the abdomen drawn in. Do not allow the hips to roll forwards or backwards. Keep the elbow aligned with shoulder.


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