Staggered Plyometric Push Up


How to Do

How to Do Staggered Plyometric Push Up

You should have strong trunk muscles before performing this exercise.

Solid Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex stability

You should already be efficient at performing a regular pushup.

Progression 2 – Plyo Staggered - perform a staggered push up normally, use explosive movements to lift yourself up at the top of your pushup and switch position of hands to their opposites.


Beginning Plyometric Push Up

Don't forget to do an appropriate warm-up before starting this exercise.


Push Up Movement

1. Get into a push up position hands should be shoulder-width apart with one hand placed up towards your head and the other hand below towards your stomach

2. Extend your arms to perform a pushup, switch hands after completion of the repetitions


Plyometric Push Up Benefits

Increases shoulder strength and stability.

Adds the benefit of building muscles throughout several muscle groups.

Exercise Aliases

How to Do a Push Up, Staggered Push Up, Push Up Variations for Chest


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