Stability ball bent over single arm reverse fly (rear delt)


Exercise Benefits:

  • Perform this exercise at home or in the gym.
  • This isolation exercise strengthens the shoulder, and specifically, the back of the shoulder, a part of the body that is often neglected.
  • Together with the back of the shoulder, this exercise also works some back muscles as a secondary benefit, and helps to improve posture.

How to Do the Exercise:

  1. Choose a stability ball that will allow you to sit on it with your knees bent at about ninety degrees, with your feet flat on the floor, set about hip-width apart.
  2. Sit upright on the ball with the dumbbells in your hands. Allow your arms to rest at your sides with your palms facing your body.
  3. Draw up the spine so that you are sitting straight, and your neck is aligned with your shoulders and hips. Slightly tense your legs to keep your body centered on the ball.
  4. Hinge forward at your hips to rest your chest on your thighs. Make sure that your back is straight.
  5. Allow your arms to hang along your lower legs, with the dumbbells next to your feet. Your elbows should be extended.
  6. Tighten up the core muscles to support the spine and back, then raise your arms out until they are aligned with your shoulders. Your elbows can bend slightly, but make sure that your wrists are in line with your forearms.
  7. Slowly lower your arms until the dumbbells are next to your feet.
  8. Keep you back flat, and resist the urge to raise your chest from your knees during the exercise. The movement should be in your arms only.
  9. As this is an isolation exercise, you should be using a relatively light weight. Make sure that you don’t use momentum to “throw” the weight up. If you need to use momentum, reduce the weight of the dumbbells that you’re using. It’s not how much you lift, it’s how good your technique is.


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