Barbell Romanian deadlift to calf raise and shrug



  • Total body stability and strength development. 
  • Emphasis on the Hamstrings, Glutes, Erectors, Upper Traps, and Calves (relatively).



  • You must exhibit good CORE strength, and good Inner / Outer unit integration (especially the deep longitudinal sub-system and posterior oblique sub-system). 



  1. Begin with barbell on ground, feet shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward and knees bent 5°.   
  2. Grab the barbell with both hands (grip slightly wider than shoulder width). 


How to Do:

  1. Maintaining a drawn in position, contract the glutes and lift the barbell until in a fully upright position. 
  2. Retract shoulder blades and shrug shoulders up towards the BACK OF THE HEAD (NOT up to the ears, the upper fibers of the Upper Trap run to the back of the head).   
  3. Hold the shrug and perform a calf raise by putting pressure over the 1st MTP joint.   
  4. Return to original position by reversing the order of the exercise. 
  5. Initiate descent movement from a flexion in the iliofemoral joint (bend from waist with back straight). 


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