Alternating seated resistance band row on ball


Exercise Benefits:

• This exercise can be done at home or in the gym.

• It will strengthen your upper back muscles, as well as your rear shoulder muscles. Your core muscles will also be activated to keep you steady as you perform this exercise on the SB.

How to Do the Exercise:

• Choose a SB that will allow you to sit on it with your knees bent at about ninety degrees.

• Sit upright on the ball with the tubing handles in your hands. Your arms will be fully extended, with your palms facing the ground. Your wrists, elbows, and shoulders should be in line with the band.

• Tighten up your core muscles to keep your body aligned, and to help you balance on the ball. Ensure that your head is in line with your shoulders and hips. Slightly tense your legs to keep your body centered on the ball. Your feet should be flat on the floor, about shoulder-width apart.

• Raise one foot off the ground. Once you’re able to balance, pull your shoulder blades back and down, then pull one elbow straight back, and bring the handle in toward the side of your chest. Your upper arm will be parallel to the ground, and your wrist should remain in line with your forearm. As you allow the arm to return to the start position, start to pull back with the other arm. Alternate sides for the required number of repetitions.


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