Seated bicep curl machine (preacher curl)



  • Develops and sculpts bicep muscle through isolation.
  • Increases muscle size through hypertrophy


  • Sit on the bicep machine and adjust the seat. The seat will be in the correct position when your shoulders are allowed to remain relaxed while your hands are holding the hand grips. If you’re in the right position, you will feel natural; if you’re slouched or your arms feel stretched then you will need to adjust your seat.
  • Elbows should be lined up evenly with the axis of this machine.

How to Do:

  1. Sit straight and tall, keeping your spine in a straight position, do not allow your spine to slouch.
  2. Your stomach should be pulled inward during this exercise, this will also help with spine alignment.
  3. Begin to lift your arms into a curl position, follow the natural movement of the machine.
  4. Lower your arms back to the machine slowly; do not allow the machine to drop back down into the starting point.
  5. Be careful not to push your head forward. This is often done without notice and takes away from the natural movement of this machine.
  6. Keep shoulders pushed downward, be careful that you don’t arch them.
  7. Arms should remain flat on the padded arm rest and hands should keep handle grips held throughout your entire set.


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