Alternating Seated Cable Tricep Extension on Freemotion


How to Do

How to Do Alternating Seated Cable Tricep Extension on Freemotion

Using a free motion cable, you will be seated on a bench facing the cables with the cables on either side of you. Posture is very important when seated. Your back needs to be straight, shoulders back, head forward, and chest out.


Beginning Seated Cable Tricep Extension

You will be grabbing the left cable with the left hand and the right cable with the right hand. This is an alternating movement so you will start with one hand and then switch to the other.


Seated Cable Tricep Extension Movement

1. Starting with the left hand, grab the cable so that your palm is facing down. Your arms and elbows should always stay close to your body.

2. With your left arm, push all the way down so your arm straightens and your palm faces behind you. Control the movement all the way down, and as you straighten your arm, squeeze and concentrate on your tricep.

3. After a very brief pause, return to the starting position in a slow and controlled movement. You will be doing the same thing for your right arm.


Seated Cable Tricep Extension Benefits

The stability provided by the seated cable cuff tricep extension exercise is a key benefit. You can keep your shoulder blades locked down because you have a bench for support. This keeps your shoulders from shifting and allows you to concentrate solely on directing tension through the triceps.


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