Seated Leg Curl Machine


How to Do

How to Do Seated Leg Curl Machine

Must have adequate core strength.

No excessive knee pain tension.

Must be able to complete movement without excessively arching the lower back.


Beginning Seated Leg Curl Machine

Make sure alignment of knees matches the machine arm.

Adjust leg pad properly.

In order to reduce stress on the knee, move the leg pad as close to your foot as possible.


Seated Leg Curl Machine Movement

1. While maintaining a tight core, curl your leg at the knee as far as possible while breathing out.

2. While breathing in, return the weighted arm to the starting position, repeat.


Seated Leg Curl Machine Benefits

Hamstring strengthening and definition.

Hip stabilization.

Exercise Aliases

Seated Leg Curl Exercise, Seated Leg Curl Machine Exercise, What Is a Seated Leg Curl?, Hamstring Curls.


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