Seated Resistance Band Row


How to Do

How to Do Seated Resistance Band Row

Be sure neither person is being too aggressive on the movement. Keep the motion slow and controlled. Do not allow the bands to cross.


Beginning Seated Resistance Band Row

Sit on a comfortably heightened bench with your training partner across from you either sitting on a surface with the same height or in a kneeling position. Then both of you grab one band in each hand or attach the pulley to a fixed surface.


Seated Resistance Band Row Movement

1. Have your training partner remain still while you row pulls the weight inward towards your chest, or use a stable fixed surface.

2. Once you have completed the movement, slowly let the handles return to the starting position and repeat.


Seated Resistance Band Row Benefits

This workout will tone and strengthen your upper body, which is necessary for daily activities such as tugging. A strong upper body improves posture, protects the shoulders, and lowers the chance of injury.


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