Single Arm Cable Fly With Rotation


How to Do

How to Do Single Arm Cable Fly With Rotation

Full core strength is an advanced exercise that shouldn't be attempted until your core muscles have been developed enough to handle the muscular requirements of this movement.

You should be able to completely perform a cable crossover with ease before attempting this exercise movement.


Beginning Single Arm Cable Fly

Stand tall and maintain proper form and posture throughout this exercise.

Tighten abdominal muscles prior to starting this exercise movement.

Do not attempt this movement until you have properly warmed up.


Single Arm Cable Fly Movement

1. Begin in a standing position with the cable set at shoulder height, grab the handle in one hand.

2. Take a step by walking away from the machine so that the weight is lifted up from the weight stack.

3. Simultaneously perform a side step and chest fly, make sure that the elbow is only slightly bent.

4. Your pelvis and shoulders rotate towards the leg that has stepped out.

5. As you step back bring your hand and body back to your original starting position.

6. Select a weight that you're comfortable with, you should be able to perform this movement fluidly, yet still have tension from the weight.


Single Arm Cable Fly Benefits

This exercise will facilitate the use of full-body strength while also working the chest muscles.

Improves both core and upper body strength.

Exercise Aliases

Cable Machine Chest Fly, One Arm Chest Fly, Upright Chest Fly, Chest Fly with Rotation


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